4 Reasons Drinking Water To Lose Weight

It’s fair to say that most of us know that drinking plenty of water and keeping ourselves hydrated is a healthy thing to do. But not too many of us do it every day!

You might be surprised to know that drinking water to lose weight really does work.  Their are  four reasons as to why drinking water will help you loose weight right now  Julie Coffey.

1. Drinking Water Reduces Hunger


A lot of people, when they feel themselves getting hungry will reach for something to eat. However, if you haven’t been keeping yourself well hydrated this feeling could actually be your body asking for water, not food. Drinking water to lose weight keeps you hydrated, so the hunger you feel will be for food, when you need calories and not just water.

2. Drinking Water Provides Calorie Free Energy For Your Brain


Brain has several potential energy sources, glucose is the most obvious one. But did you know that some energy is derived by water traveling across cell membranes? This can be likened by hydroelectric energy. This doesn’t involve calories.

Your brain will use some of this energy from the food you ate for its energy needs but the brain is a small organ, so it’s not going to use much.If you weren’t genuinely hungry for calories the rest of your body doesn’t need this food yet.

Simply by not keeping well hydrated you could be eating more than you need, hampering your weight loss efforts. So this is another reason that drinking water to lose weight works.

3.Drinking water to lose weight allows the enzymes to break down fat efficiently


If you imagine your fat as a brick wall, lipase is a chisel that removes the bricks one by one. An enzyme called lipase is required to break down fat. The bricks are now free to travel to be used around the body and burned up for energy.Lipase needs water in a good supply to work well. This is how it works:  Fat + Water + Lipase = Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the small building blocks of fat. They are small enough to be released into your circulation and will be picked up by cells around your body needing energy. They are released easier when you are well hydrated.

4. Drinking Water Increases Energy Levels


When your body is not hydrated properly, water is taken from your cells to keep your circulation up to full quotas. In this case your cells will look like the wilted plant. A result of this is less than peak energy levels of the cells throughout your body. In this situation you’ll feel under par. If you don’t feel energetic, you won’t be energetic.

By keeping your body fully hydrated you cells will be firm and functioning on a higher level. This gives you more energy, so you not only feel better but you do more, burning more calories. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day, that’s at least 2 liters. Spread it out fairly evenly over course of the day.

Source: lifehack