(Video) 5 Oddest Mother Ever

Here are 5 of the most strangest mothers throughout history!

Nadya Suleman ( Octomom) gave birth to 8 children in January of 2009 via in-vitro fertilization . The single mom Caught in controversy  and received media attention for her decision to have more children  when she was already had  6 children and struggling  with them.


Lina Medina five years old baby made medical history as the youngest  mother when she gave birth to a little boy at 8 and a half months .


 Can you believe this woman from Shuya, Russia held a record of most birth  .She gave birth to 69 children, 16 pair of twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets  through 27 pregnancies .


Thomas Beatie is a first man to become a mother. His wife was unable to conceive a child due to a prior hysterectomy. After undergoing sex reassignment surgery and hormone treatment he decided to conceive a child .


 Thirty five year old  tiny women Stacey Herald  Suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfects able to become mother of 3 children This 2ft. 4in. tall woman wants more children with her 5′ 9″ husband.




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