5 Tips To Make Life Happy


Very impressive 5 ways to make happy life.

1. Look on the bright side: The individuals I interviewed seemingly had every reason to get down. Of course, they sometimes had bad days, but they didn’t let the negative consume them. They took charge of their minds and their outlooks and chose to remain exceedingly optimistic. They taught me to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

2. Do everything you can to stay healthy: You can’t necessarily control your health—especially whether or not you get a disease such as cancer—but you can control what you eat, whether you exercise, how you relax and when and how often you go to the doctor. Take care of yourself.

3. Keep learning: The individuals I interviewed did not let lack of knowledge stop them from chasing their goals. They searched for the information they needed, and when they could not find it, they asked others for help.

4. Lean on family and friends: All of the survivors I interviewed had a strong support system composed of people who were there for them during their toughest hours. These friends and family celebrated with them, championed their cause, helped them reach their goals, enabled them to feel good about themselves and even provided comic relief.

5. Have the courage to be you: This tip probably has affected me the most. Until PERSEVERANCE, I was a perfectionist who tried to only show her best qualities to the world and keep the rest hidden. When writing PERSEVERANCE, the individuals hid nothing. They were so authentic and so honest with me that it caused me to evolve as a person. Now I have a richer and happier life because I’m not afraid to talk about my personal difficulties.