Homemade Ice Pops: Healthy and Delicious Treat for kids


What can be better than making our own Popsicle? My family really tries to keep their sugar intake to a minimum and this is such an easy solution to know what ingredients are going into their sweet treat.
I refuse to buy store-bought pops with all the junk and additives in them. Instead of store bought pops, which have nothing for corn syrup and chemical food coloring, I make smoothie pops out of anything I want with no food dyes or extra sugar. I pour in our favorite juice or even juice I’ve extracted from my juicer and sit them in the freezer, for a healthy snack that is less than 40 calories.


My 6 year old kid is addicted to otter-pops over the summer and the real fruits name brands are too expensive while the cheap ones are filled with garbage. So I started to make out own pops with quality juice for her and she loves it. I juice fruit & veggies with my juicer and create fun flavors for her. I make a batch of smoothie mix and freeze them in the Ice pop molds. She doesn’t even know she’s eating a healthy snack. Sometimes, she helps me to make the pops and choosing the fruit combinations to go into them. This aids in getting my kids to consume more fruits and vegetables. I can now allow my kids to eat as many ice pops as they want, since they are actually good for them!

One of my lame hobbies is buying all the different popsicle molds out there, in search of the perfect one. I have drawer full of different types of ice pop molds and they all work, but my favorite ones are BPA-free, because I do not like my family to come in contact with chemicals. I have multi color 4 Piece popsicles maker which include sipper bases to catch the last drops of juice as the popsicles melts. That make easy to sip from with no mess, neither sticky fingers nor wastage. I have also tried 6pack ice pop molds which come without stand and with lid. It is little messy to stand them up in a fridge and if lied down, juice spills in the freezer. The popsicles mold that I’m very satisfied with it is BPA free set of four Ice Pop Maker.

My family and I enjoy making different types of Popsicle from bits of fruit in yogurt or juice, to lemonade – endless possibilities that the older kids and adults enjoyed as well. Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Strawberry Ice Pops: Purée 2 cups of strawberries with, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 3 tablespoons honey and 2 tablespoons basil leaves. Pour in ice pop molds and freeze.

Funny Ice Pops: If you’re looking for something a little wild, try one of these unique ice pop recipes: crunchy peanut butter – banana, watermelon –lime – cilantro, or chunky pineapple-Chile.

You can try all possibilities of healthy and nutritious treats as you want. What else could one want? You’ll feel great giving your kids and your family, the all natural and delicious frozen treat for lunch, dessert and at any time.