The Cutest Elf You Ever Seen…

Alan Lawrence and his four-month-old, Rockwell, are doing this year a photo series featuring Rockwell as the elf in “Elf On A Shelf” program .


The photos of little Rockwell in a series of poses can be found on the website That Dad Blog .


He plans to release a new photo and story every day until Christmas.

Look how a brave baby Elf is playing with Godzilla!!!


 How this cutie taking his dinner!!


This one reads:

Lawrence said that people’s reactions to the photos have been positive and they love at all..


Also He could totally let you drive Santa’s sleigh and he do it all of the time.


Lawrence incorporates some of his other five children in the photos, and shares the pics via Facebook  and Instagram as well.


The stories and pics are often out off beat and always adorable..


Lawrence told three times that not to put cookies in the VCR and See how he jamming over there!!


Lawrence says ,“We love sharing our family’s story,I just feel blessed to be a dad and want the world to know how fun it can be when you don’t take life so serious.”


Source : Facebook-thatdadblog