(Video)Here’s What You Could Look like Mermaid: Mermaid Makeup Tutorial!!!


There was a large phase of your childhood in which you were obsessed with mermaids. They’re mysterious, glamorous, beautiful and sparkly — it’s an easy sell. You can recreate your childhood fantasy and live the life aquatic with some cream shadows and makeup kits. This story line is so creative and makes you imagine what life really would be like to live under the ocean.

Step 1: At the beginning, You can startup with your bare face and then apply SPF-14 Sunscreen.


Step 2: Then apply Liquid Foundation by using cosmetics Face brush .


Using a face brush, put it on everywhere spot is their in body & face.

Step 3: Use Jessie’s Girl Eye-shadow ‘ Kiwi Shine’ having gray color.


Grey and brown eye-shadow are so versatile and give more definition to eyes.

Step 4: Apply Color pop Cosmetics Purple Eye-shadow ‘Fantasy’.


Purple is so delirious color.Since Arial makeup is pretty natural. So make use of many color.

Step 5: Use  black eye liner for creating nice eye corner.


By using glitter upper eye is looking beautiful and white eye liner to make eyes bigger for character.

Step6 : After apply red lip liner, lip shape is more focused.


If you want  lip color for a  long time, you can use lip primer pencil.

Step 7: Finally apply red lipstick.


It smooth-en the lips & also make color richer.

Step 8: Arrange hairs style and put purple color flower. Use starfish shape mostly.


    Now swim off and fulfill your wish to be a Mermaid .