5 Tips That Controls Your Hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the biggest issues that a lot of us face. In these days, lots of people suffer from it, specifically because of a few reasons like genetics, stress, pollution, and other factors.Here are some useful tips for your hair care..

1. Don’t drink hard water


Hard water often is  very harmful to hair. People who have started using it have constantly complained of hair fall and their hair condition going down. To avoid it, make sure you do not use hard water. If it is unavoidable in some way, make sure you use as little as possible.

2.  Eat right Food


Food is yet another reason for hair fall. Not eating food rich in vitamins, and not eating enough healthy fat, can really make your hair fall out. To prevent this, eat a lot of food rich in Vitamin A. Take example, nuts rich in nutrients and healthy fats, eggs, milk and cheese are great ways of reducing hair fall.

3. Stop Stressing


Stress is one of the biggest enemies of hair. You would see that your hair tends to fall off more when you are stressing. Stop that, and you would watch your hair fall less.

4. Avoid harsh hair styling products


While curling your hair, the cream used, is no good for your hair. Stop using random products, and only use products which are tried and tested. Make sure you are not getting affected before you start off on such products.

5. Avoid Pollution


This can be another issue too. When out, keep your hair tied up and covered if possible.


Source : trickybeautytips