7 Genius Hacks to Save Your Favorite Shoes


1. Use baking soda to get rid of odors. Realllly don’t want to throw out your fave sneakers? Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda in them and the powder will absorb the smell (just like it does in the refrigerator), sometimes even overnight!

2. Remove dirt marks from suede shoes by buffing them off with a nail file. Buff lightly, being careful not to go over the same spot for too long and you’ll be amazed at how quick dirt and grime comes off.

3. Use vinegar to remove salt marks from winter boots. Snow quickly melts off your boots, but the salt left behind can be tough to get out. Put a dab of vinegar onto a cotton ball and swipe away any traces of leftover salt.

4. DIY glitter heels to hide major scuffs on soles. Use a brush to coat the bottom of your shoes with Modge Podge glue, then sprinkle on glitter.

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 5. Remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes with acetone nail polish remover. You’ll be amazed at how nail polish remover can really transform your shoes! Just be careful not to use too much, or on plain leather shoes (patent leather is tough enough to handle the chemical). A tiny bit goes a long way, and those pesky scuffs will be gone forever!

6. Use moisturizer instead of shoe polish to brighten dull leather. Who really has shoe polish laying around, anyway? Put a little face or body moisturizer on a paper towel and apply to your shoes. It will shine them up for weeks.

7. If your shoes are too tight, put a baggie of water in each of them and place in the freezer overnight. It’s basically magic: your shoes will stretch out just a bit and fit so much better.

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