Easy To make Halloween Nutter Butter Mummy Pops


Even if you don’t want to go all out for Halloween, it’s always fun to get in the spirit a little bit. We partnered with Naomi Robinson, blogger behind Bakers Royale, and our friends at Delish, to come up with these adorable Mummy Pops as an easy way to add a touch of holiday schtick to a ​party—and show off your best Martha-like skills—without having to labor over something too crafty.


These Mummy Pops are easy enough for even the LEAST-crafty baker. All you do is pull apart a Nutter Butter and stick a straw in the center to make a pop, then re-sandwich the cookie. Next you dip it in melted chocolate (then freeze them until set), then pipe melted white chocolate around the Nutter Butter, creating a toilet paper-like look.


Then add mini M&M’s or candy eyes for the spooky effect.


For an exact step-by-step, here’s the recipe. And be sure to watch the amazing video to see them in action.

From: Delish

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