(Video)10 Easy Food Hacks You Can Do At Home

Top 10 easy kitchen tips and tricks you can do to make your food experience better!

Food and eating is one area where people either just don’t have the time, the equipment or the money to do things properly. Search around the internet and talk to some friends and there is a good chance you can pick up some tips and techniques to help you out in the kitchen. These food hacks can be very beneficial in a number of ways.

If you’re looking just to reduce the pain of food preparation, save a minute here and there, these food hacks will help you cut those corners when you need it the most.


1.The Perfect Cut


For Cutting Cake without mess up Swear by Dental Floss

2. Cupcake Sandwiches


Cut the cupcake through the middle, Taking the bottom and placing it on top of the frosting.

3. The Better Mango Peel


Using the glass you can avoid mess while created at the time of cutting mango in traditional way.

4. Bread to the Rescue


Here, Main aim is to avoid bread and cookies from dryness.

5. Toasted Sandwich Trick


To get better sandwich try putting two slices in one toasted slot.

6. Upside-Down Muffin Pan Magic


You can make muffins, cupcakes, cookies only by flipping the pan over.

7. The Proper Peel


Peel the banana downward towards its stem using your finger.

8. Frozen Onions


Put the onion in the freezer for around 15 minutes before yo cut it.

9. Chill Beverage


Wrap the bottle in damp paper towel and put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

10. Quick Butter


This is best way to spread cold butter on toast.

Source: TheRichest