Best Way To Handle Hot Pot Or lift Hot Pot In The Kitchen

A common problem faced by all we women while working in the kitchen is how to handle hot pot or how to lift that hot pot or pan.I literally burned through two cloth hot handler .Seriously, for basic safety and fire-hazard purposes, if you are currently using a cloth hot handler and have an electric stove top, you need to switch to a silicone one. We, unfortunately, didn’t think about this until one caught on fire. Although a couple pot holders work just fine, I thought it might be nice to have a silicone pot handle to kind of add a bit of character to the pans.


Since I am a huge fan of I thought why not to search for it on Amazon .I got silicone pot handle slit sleeve slips . I suppose I’m pleased and they do the job just fine. I have had them near sources of direct heat and haven’t had any problems, although when I place the pans on the fire I do remove them in the interest of keeping them for the long term.

This holder is heat rated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They work like typical silicone and tend to reduce the heat transfer. We use our cast iron skillet every day with this handle, and so far after 6 months it is still good as new. It stays on securely, is easy to clean and while it takes a little maneuvering to pull off of the handle, it is not difficult to pull off. This Pot Handle sleeve fits almost any pot or pan.

I use my cast iron skillets for most of my cooking. This has been my favorite kitchen item lately, because I know, I won’t forget about the handle & accidentally burn myself. It works on all of my different skillet handles.


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