5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy

It’s that time of year again! The kids are out of school and looking for fun things to do. After a few weeks of summer vacation, they can set in. So be prepared to give healthy food to your child.

Involve Kids In Meal Preparation


It can seem like a nightmare to invite your children to help you with meal preparation. However, being involved gives them the opportunity get in touch with real food vs. a prepackaged snack. It might even lead to an appreciation of how hard you work to create the meals you provide. Let your child crack the eggs, stir, pour the milk or be in charge of the salad (depending on age). Provide lots of options for vegetables, but ultimately let your child pick what goes in the bowl.

Give Them Some Choice


Parents need to set the tone when it comes to food choices. Kids like having options, but don’t let unhealthy choices win out. Giving your kids the choice between two healthy alternatives will make them more open to trying new foods. Present two different healthy choices and let your child pick which one to enjoy.

Be A Healthy Role Model


Parents are in the best position to be a healthy role model for their children, because you spend the most time eating together. Make good choices yourself. Your children will follow. This might not happen over night, but you are laying the ground work for the future.

30 to 60 Minutes Of Play – Everyday!


Exercise should be fun – not a chore. Make play time with your child interesting by making up games to be active. Motivate your child by creating goal centered play. Set up an obstacle course by drawing a hopscotch board with side-walk chalk, kicking a ball over the finish line, or hopping on one foot for 30 seconds.

Get Enough Rest


Shortchanging your child on sleep can lead to whiny behavior and tantrums. Although it can be tempting to “pack it all in”, making sleep a priority for your child (and you) will lead to happiness.


Source: idealbite